Thought Process

The way we think and operate

Focus on innovation, impeccable customer experience & staying up to speed woth new development technologies

Blend inherent skills with approprieate new age technologies to deliver optimal solutions both in terms of time and cost

Understand the importance of support during execution and after it

Focus on a well defined project execution and management process

Our Values

Customer Delight

Customer Delight

Satisfied and happy customers



Our process, products & service delivery models are simplified

Cutting-edge Solutions

Cutting-edge Solutions

Solutions whiich are one-step ahead


Product Development & Digital Transformation

Custom Software

Custom Software Development

Mobile-cloud solutions,Scalable web and desktop solutions,IoT integrated platforms, API managemen

Micro Servies

Monoliths to Microservices Transformation

Mobile-cloud solutions,Scalable web solutions,IoT integrated platforms, API management

Cloud Native

Cloud Native development

Serverless, SaaS,On-Prem solutions


Front End development

Micro front end architectures,Connected devicesfrontends

Real time communication and collaboration


WebRTC & More

Develop highly engaging communications application using WebRTC

Real Time Collaboration

Real time voice, video, messaging, chat and collaboration

DevOps & Automation

DevOps Automation

Agile engineering and DevOps Automation

DevOps Transformation

DevOps Transformation

Build E2E DevOps engines

Machine Learning and AI

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Data Analytics

Sensor Data Analytics

Computer vision

Computer vision


Natural language processing


Recommender Engines

Data and Insights

Statistical Analysis

Data science and Statistical Analysis

Data Visualization

Data Visualization and analytics

Data Engineering

Data Engineering


Smart Building

Smart building

Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare

Smart Factory

Smart factory

Smart Retail

Smart retail

Smart Fleet

Smart fleet management

Smart Remote

Smart remote monitoring

Game development

Game Development

2D, 3D game development

Mobile Platforms>
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Mobile platforms app development

AR Game Development

AR game developmen

Cross Platform Development

Cross platform game development

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift game development

Unity Development

Unity 3D game development

Tools & Technologies

Cloud Providers

Cloud Providers

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud



Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker,Kubernetes, Jenkins, Consul Vault, ML, Ops, etc



C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Python, .NET/C#, Go, Javascript, Objective C, Swift


Front End, back End frameworks

Angular, React, Vue, NodeJS

Data Insight Machine Learning

Data, Insights, Machine Learning

Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Kafka, OpenCV, R, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, PowerBI, Tableau



PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Firebase, Redis, Eleasticsearch


Our Proprietary products

Why Us


Approach that works

Design thinking, TDD, Microservices, Micro front ends


Horses for courses

No one fit for all approach, we know how to pick the best tools for a particular problem

Bitten the Bullets

We've bitten the bullet ourselves

Having built our own products we know the devil lies in the details

Speed Delivery

...And we deliver at speed with Agility


how dedicated i am

We focus on solution led work-process which is designed and developed to handle today’s digital challenges. We work closely with you understanding the core requirement and keeping the brand or business as a center of advancement.



No routine or monotony here. Brainstorming is the essence of the company. Improvisation and constant innovation is the key to what we have always managed to achieve.



The passionate team that works together to make this world a better place to live in! 30 experts. 25+ yrs of Experience. Working for 5+ Countries. Deployed 300+ projects



Good service is a prerequisite, not an advantage to any company in the market. The standard of our service does not dip regardless of any circumstances.

Work. Play

Work. Play. Connect.

Like minded people stay together. Anomaly endeavors into many internal and external events where we hangout with alike people who believe in work hard play hard culture.


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The world is changing and your business must adapt to the changing tide or become yet another statistic like many others.

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